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Restore the sparkle to your smile, with professional tooth whitening

An increasingly popular treatment for restoring the sparkle to your smile, teeth whitening is a quick, effective and safe procedure for removing stubborn stains on the teeth that can not be removed by brushing alone. With a choice of treatments available to suit your individual needs, a brighter, whiter smile can leave you feeling rejuvenated and more confident within hours or days.

Take Home Tooth Whitening Kit

The tooth whitening take home kit involves taking custom made thin transparent guards home with you for use with your whitening gel either overnight or daily. It usually takes up to 3 to 4 weeks to see any noticeable effects of this type of treatment.

We have selected a system that provides us and our patients with results and that is also;

  • Proven to be safe and effective through numerous studies
  • A tried and tested way of removing stains and discolouration
  • A quick, simple and easy way to achieving immediate whitening results
  • Offers a reliable technique for a clean, bright and natural looking smile to the level of whiteness that can be determined by you
  • Lasts for years with the right maintenance

Is tooth whitening expensive?

With our special tooth whitening offers, the removal of stains and discolouration is far more affordable than every before. From creating cleaner, whiter and brighter teeth, to getting that hollywood white smile,

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