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Dental implants

Dental implants are usually the best solution for replacing missing teeth. The root is made of titanium, which is placed into the gum to form a secure foundation, whilst the replacement tooth is fitted on top to create a comfortable, life-like replacement.

The fear of losing our teeth is something many of us experience. Today, tooth loss does not have to be a permanent problem. Our dental implant system provides a safe and reliable method for replacing teeth, whether you have lost one, several or all of them. Your new teeth look and feel natural, and allow you to live, laugh and enjoy life with total confidence.

Yes, there is no difference between natural and implant-supported teeth in what you can eat. If you have experienced problems earlier, you will be pleasantly surprised at the positive change that has taken place.

A holistic approach - combining biological and biomechanical expertise

Early on in the development of the Astra Tech Implant System™, it was realized the value of a holistic approach. That is why the Astra Tech Implant System™ was based not only on a biological but also a biomechanical approach. With the introduction of the OsseoSpeed™ surface, providing unique nano scale topography, they took this to the next level by incorporating biochemistry. Just as in nature, a successful existence cannot be determined by one single element alone. The terms biomechanics and biochemistry are no longer sufficient as there must be several interdependent features working together - the Astra Tech BioManagement Complex™. Under the right conditions, nature itself does the major part of the job. The Astra Tech Implant System™ is designed to provide nature with the right conditions; all of the system's parts work together for reliable clinical success.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Implants

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Why choose Sidcup Hill Dental Care for your dental implants?
We are proud to offer:
  1. With a depth and breadth of experience, you can be assured very predictable long term results of a very high standard as all dental implant treatment will be performed by an Oral Surgeon.
  2. Passionate about what we do, we understand how important your smile is to you. Spending the time to listen to your aspirations and concerns before discussing a choice of options with you. It is always our aim to help find the right treatment option for you based on your individual requirements and budget.
  3. With a focus on professional patient care, high quality dental treatments and state of the art technologies, we take pride in bringing the forefront of 21st dentistry to South East London.
  4. The Astra Tech Dental Implant System™: Developed to work with the body’s natural healing power with a holistic approach - combining biological and biomechanical expertise.
  5. A free initial consultation, competitive prices and a choice of finance options.
  6. We are open late evenings and Saturdays, with free parking and just minutes from the nearest train station or main link roads, getting to us is always easy and stress free!
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How you can benefit from dental implants
Dental implants are the permanent way for you to replace your missing teeth. Research and documentation show long-lasting results, and hundreds of thousands of people are now enjoying their new looks and their ability to laugh, speak and eat with confidence! Do you think you, a relative, or a friend could be helped by dental implants?Request an Appointment
How do dental implant supported teeth differ from conventional dentures?

Compared to conventional dentures, implant supported teeth:

  • Function, look and feel like natural teeth.
  • Allow you to speak, smile and eat with confidence.
  • Are comfortable and stay in place.
  • Do not need other teeth for support and do not require ¨cutting down¨ or preparation of other teeth.
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How will my new teeth differ from real teeth?
With implant supported teeth it is almost impossible to tell the difference compared to natural teeth. With an implant-anchored full bridge there is a narrow space between your gum and the prosthesis which is externally invisible and facilitates cleaning. Request an Appointment
How long will my new teeth last?
With proper care and cleaning, dental implants can last a lifetime. Like natural teeth, with the passing of time, the crowns could become worn or damaged. The big difference is that your new teeth can easily be repaired or replaced, using the same implants for support.Request an Appointment
Can I eat whatever I want?
Yes, there is no difference between natural and implant-supported teeth in what you can eat. If you have experienced problems earlier, you will be pleasantly surprised at the positive change that has taken place.Request an Appointment
Can any problems occur?
A few people can have initial problems speaking clearly after receiving an implant-supported bridge or denture. Usually, this adjustment phase lasts only a few days before normal speaking returns. This occurs much less frequently than with a conventional bridge or denture. Request an Appointment
Why do we recommend Astra Tech dental implants?
The Astra Tech implant system provides a unique design, which gives the implant superior strength. The surface of the implant has been treated to create a tight and strong connection between the bone and dental implant. This maintains the bone level and supports the normal appearance of gum tissue. Together, all these factors reduce the risks for complications and improve function and aesthetics.
Whether you need a single crown on a single implant, a full bridge on several implants, or an implant supported denture, the Astra Tech implant system provides you with the best solutions available.
Special benefits of the Astra Tech implant system:
  • Natural looking aesthetic result
  • Developed and designed with a biological and biomechanical approach
  • Superior long-term results in extensive clinical research programmes
  • Minimal need for maintenance increases the comfort and may decrease overall costs
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Can I get 0% finance for my Dental implant treatment?
Yes, to help spread the cost of your dental implant treatment into affordable monthly payments, we offer 0% finance* on all cosmetic dental treatments over £500 Find out more

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